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Real Touch Wedding Flowers Bridal Bouquets, Destination Wedding Flowers, True Touch Flowers, Soft Touch Flowers, Fresh Touch Flowers,
Natural Touch Flowers and Floramatique.

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Since 2007, we have been working directly with Brides all over the world, to create the wedding

flowers of their dreams. Every order can be customized and comes with photos for design approval,

before it's shipped. Items are handmade so turn around time is based on how many orders are booked.

Book early to secure a preparation period or if you have little time before the wedding, then check with

us for availability. Browse our designs below and contact us to create your unique Real Touch bouquets,

Brooch bouquets, Men's boutonnieres, Women's corsages,
Altar and Pergola arrangements,

Centerpieces and more. Custom designs are also welcome. We work mainly with life-like silk/permanent

flowers that include Real Touch flowers, Natural Touch flowers, Floramatique, Fresh Touch flowers,

Soft Touch flowers and other true to life floral materials. They are perfect for Destination Weddings and

Wedding Day keepsakes.

To book your order: 570-355-5660 or Email: __

Location: Pennsylvania, 18210


FREE SHIPPING on US orders valued at 50.00 or more.

Does not include samples or vase items.




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