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Blog: Wedding flower ideas and creations

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November 18, 2014

How large should a Bride's wedding bouquet be?

During a telephone consultation, customers often ask how best to visualize the size

of a Bride's bouquet. I often suggest recalling the size of a standard sheet of printing paper.

The ones that are 8.5 by 11 inches wide. Most customers are familiar. So whether we are talking about

bouquets for the bridesmaids or for the Bride, it is a very useful comparison. The first photograph below

shows the top view of an 11 inch bouquet with the longest side of a sheet of printing paper.

Item: Wedding bouquet

Flower types: Bird of Paradise and Orchids

Colors: Golden Yellow, hints of navy blue and ivory off-white

Bride and Groom Wedding Flower Set



From left to right

Items: Bride, Maid of honor, Bridesmaids/Toss

Sizes: 11 inch wide, 9 inch wide, 8 inch wide

Flower Types: Calla lily/lilies, Cymbidium orchids

Colors: Burnt orange, deep orange, redish orange, golden yellow, lime green.



Item: Bride's wedding bouquet

Flower types: Orchids and calla lilies/lily

Colors: Ivory, Purple, Fuchsia, Plum/Currant





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