Policies for Max Journ Art Studio

Thanks so much for supporting the arts!

Kindly understand that colors, vibrancy, paint quality etc may all appear different in reality than they do online since it may be affected by lighting during a photo shoot and/or the image quality of electronic devices.

Custom / Commissioned artwork

If you love my style, my art, what they say and how it's said in my own language of artistic expression but you would like a custom commissioned work, I offer free consultations to discuss artwork details and pricing. This could be by email and/or video call and is by appointment only. Some conditions for new commissioned work created for you is that:

  • It does not compromise my style and identity as an artist.
  • The new work will either be a numbered original reproduction of an existing work or it would result in a new original piece of art.
  • I must have 100% trust and control over the completed outcome of the artwork, from you.
  • You must understand and accept that the artwork is not primarily about aesthetics but about the message.
  • Commissioned artwork is 50% non-refundable.
  • The artist maintains all rights to the work.

Some examples for commissioned work:

Create a new work:
You may have a concept that you would like to be expressed in my method and you know the wall space that it would be displayed. This is an example of a commission resulting in a new original piece of art. A free consultation would cover pricing based on size, time, labor, materials and originality.

Change the size:
You love, love a piece of artwork but would like to have it hand painted in a much larger or smaller scale.

Change the colors:
You would like a piece of existing artwork re-created in black and white or other colors provided that the changes do not contradict with the concept of the original artwork.


Please note: These time frames are not guaranteed and can be affected by natural disasters, shipping company delays, printing company delays, worker shortages and more. They are estimated, unless otherwise noted in the product page/listing: 

    • In studio, hand completed (Original) Art: Arrives in 2-3 weeks after purchase.
    • Outsourced Art Prints on Merchandise : Arrives 2 weeks after purchase.
    • Outsourced T-shirts prints: Arrives 2 weeks after purchase.
    • Outsourced Sweatshirts: Arrives 2 weeks after purchase.


    • Hand completed in studio artwork will be shipped directly from our studio with insurance against loss or damage. You may contact us directly for orders placed on our website for our hand completed in studio items.
    • Please expect the occasional minor paint smudges and finger prints from the artist at the back of original artwork that are completed in studio. (Does not apply to outsourced printed work).

      • Small to medium sized, flat, unstretched artwork: wrapped in archival paper, insulated in protective plastic, bubble wrapped, corner protectors and placed inside double boxes with inner padding.
      • Unstretched canvas artwork: wrapped in archival paper, rolled onto a foam core, insulated with plastic wrapping and shipped inside of PVC tubing.

      • Large, extra large and beyond, framed artwork: wrapped in archival paper, insulated in protective plastic, bubble wrapped, corner protectors and placed inside a wooden crate with inner padding.


      • Outsourced printed artwork on merchandise can be purchased directly from the printing company that is linked on our site, where my artwork is available. Inquiries about your order can be made through the website of your purchase. We do not have access to your order, that you placed on their website. We also have no guarantee on shipping times, color and quality of outsourced printed products.