Policies For Sharon Nagassar Designs Weddings

Things you should know before ordering Wedding items

This is the period of time spent discussing your order before making the purchase. Flower samples could be ordered during this time.

Since our items are made from scratch after purchase, they require time for production. The time for production can range from 2 weeks to 6 weeks or more (not including the consultation period) and depends on the size of your order, flower stock and how booked we are with orders. We recommend placing an order as far in advance as possible so you are able to reserve flower stock and secure order preparation time. If rush delivery is needed, please contact us before making a purchase, and we'll see if we can help in any way.

We advise all customers to get samples of materials to be used in their order, for color and quality approval, before making a purchase. Kindly see the ordering steps below for more on samples. If you should choose to buy an item from one of our online stores without first getting samples, you agree that you understand that the size, color and quality may or may not meet your unique satisfaction. Sizes cannot be exact and will vary by half inch to an inch. You also agree that you understand our products are handmade and made-to-order, and due to this there is a no exchange, no return policy.

All sizes listed in descriptions are approximate. Items can be made larger/fuller upon request, with the purchase of additional materials, if available.

Standard size, round shape, bridal bouquets range from 10 inches wide and up according to bride's preference. Body measure should be taken into consideration when selecting floral item sizes. Round shape bouquets for maid of honors, bridesmaids etc, typically range about 8-9 inches wide or fuller upon request. Kindly keep this in mind when placing order.


STEP 1 - Designer availability
Contact us for designer availability and open dates for order creation.
Let us know:
* your need-by date
* floral needs
* item list
* general design ideas
* flower types and colors
* Pictures could be sent for design inspiration.

​STEP 2 - Get a flower quote from us
If your order could be accommodated, we'll need to know:
* Your preferred order delivery date, which should be 3 weeks or more before your need-by date, in case of delays.
* Confirmation of items needed and quantity of each.
* Notes on any customizations.
* The preferred ribbon color (if any) for items.

STEP 3 - Getting samples
A sample pack would include 1 sample of each flower, in each color and ribbon swatches (if any) that are to be used in creating your bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages or floral arrangements. Prices for sample flowers range from 3.00 to 20.00 or more, plus the shipping cover. Small bridesmaid or toss bouquets, boutonnieres or corsages are also available for purchase as a sample. Please tell us your preference. ​Sample orders require 1-2 weeks to gather or prepare, package and ship. A payment link would be emailed to order.
STEP 4 - Booking the order
Having discussed the design details, accepted our flower quote and approved your samples, we are now ready to prepare an order invoice/listing and send you the link to pay for and book the order.

​STEP 5 - Photoshoot and shipping consent.
* Dates quoted for order shipment would be honored for 14 days and are only valid after order is booked.
* Pictures or videos of your order would be digitally provided approximately two weeks before shipping.
* Any errors with the designs could be corrected at this time.
* Photo shoot date for your pictures and ship date for your order are estimated.
* Ship date is subject to change by an additional 5 to 10 business days if changes are to be made to the order. Customers assume full responsibility for delayed shipments with the request of adjustments.

Your items would be designed as close as possible to our product images.
The colors would be as described in the listing description and title, or they would be the same as the pre-approved samples you got. If samples were not received, please be mindful that colors of the products will vary in reality due to the variations of your room lighting in comparison to ours when taking photos of products and the color settings of electronic devices.

Below are examples of situations that cause delays in the production period. We ask that customers permit extra time on their planning schedule in case one of these situations occur. Customers would be notified if there are any delays.

There are unanticipated design adjustments requested by other customers that uses more time for revisions and leads to new photo shoots and schedule shifts.

Flower stock shipment is delayed by the supplier. Delays can be from 1 week to 3 months resulting from overseas containers being held in customs without a confirmed release date. If this happens, customers would be notified immediately with the option to cancel for a full refund or opt for a replacement flower in like colors while maintaining item designs and prices quoted.

Replacement of damaged materials
Other unexpected events

All orders are shipped insured against loss or damage. Orders are shipped 5 business days after customers have replied to our emails, giving design approval of photographs or videos of their order and after remaining payments, if any, have cleared. Payments require 3-5 business days to clear and should clear during the same 5 days after design approval mentioned above. Payments not clearing during this time would delay shipment of your order.

Failure to respond to emails and/or telephone calls for design approval prior to this period, would deem the order "unclaimed". The order would then be held for 3 months after the "need by" date on file, after which all payments submitted would be forfeited to compensate for design and photography work.

U.S. orders are shipped insured via UPS, Fedex or USPS Priority Mail with 4-7 business days for delivery. Expedited shipping service is available upon request for emergency situations.

International orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail International with 6-10 business days for delivery or USPS Express International Mail with 5 days for delivery. All international packages are subject to relevant duties and taxes if enforced by the foreign country of delivery. Taxes and Duties are paid by the customer upon delivery in foreign country and are not included in the shipping quote and/or postage charged on the order. The postage we quote is paid to the U.S postal company and is not related to any customs and duties charged by foreign counties.

All items are shipped insured against loss or damage. Please contact us in the event of such a case and we will open a claim with the shipping company to process a refund for your order. Customers must provide photographs and video of the packaging and product damage. Packaging and contents must be kept by customer for insurance company claim processing. Unclaimed mailed orders will not be refunded.

Full payment: An electronic invoice, order sheet or listing is set up with a single payment option to secure the order preparation period and reserve flower stock. A 50% cancellation fee applies if order is cancelled.

The 50% non-refundable method: An electronic invoice, order sheet or listing is set up with two payment parts. The first payment secures order preparation date and reserves flower stock. The second payment part would be due anytime before order shipment.

To protect both the buyer and the seller, payment processors mandate that all orders are shipped to the credit card billing address entered at the time of checkout, especially in the instance where a stolen credit card is used to make the purchase. Below are a few checks that are run by payment processors, before a credit card is charged. If moving/changing residence after placing an order, it is very important that the information be updated with the payment processor, in addition to notifying us. All orders must be shipped to the address reflected on the receipt. Please remember to update the billing/shipping address in your account, should it change during the order preparation period. We will not be held responsible for shipping to an incorrect address if updating the credit card billing address with the payment processor was neglected and we were also not notified.

The Address Verification System (AVS) check is helpful in comparing the buyer's billing address included in their account with the legitimate address that the credit card issuer has on file. If the AVS flag is Full, both the name and address that the buyer entered for the credit card completely match the information on file with the credit card's issuing bank. Other possible values for this field are Partial (either the address or the postal code matches), Unavailable, and No match.

The Card Verification Value (CVV) check is useful in confirming that the card holder has access to their actual credit card when placing their order. If the CVV flag is Match, the CVV code that the buyer entered for the credit card during the purchase completely matches the information on file with the credit card's issuing bank. Other possible values for this field are Error, Unavailable, and No match.


Our designs are handmade. Your floral items would be unique. No two will ever be exactly alike. This is also true of the pieces shown in the description photos, although we will try to match the pictures to the best of our ability.

In the event that any flower/material is discontinued by the supplier after your order is placed, we will not be held responsible and you will be notified immediately. Should this event occur you will have the option to approve new samples at our cost or cancel your order with a full refund before new materials are purchased and before design work begins.

Ribbon and flower colors shown can be changed if available, without affecting prices.

Flowers shown online are NOT guaranteed to be in stock.

Prices are as advertised unless otherwise noted. 

Individual flower stems, stalks or single flower heads for decorating your wedding are only available for purchase with a wedding flower order of bouquets, bouts, corsages or centerpieces, valued at 400.00 or more.

Although it's a great compliment to receive inquiries from designers and wedding planners who wish to carry the same quality of materials we use in our pieces, we are not permitted to disclose supplier information.

We are located on the east coast with an Eastern time zone. Our shop is open Monday to Thursday. Most of our shop time is spent creating orders so our schedule for replying to emails are early morning hours during the week. Most emails should be addressed within 24 hours unless received during closed days.

Working one on one with customers since 2005 allows us to offer our design knowledge and expertise to you. Please feel free to communicate openly with us about the floral designs you envision.

When listing the types of materials used in our designs, we may use the terms 'silk flowers' and 'Real Touch flowers'. Below is a description of each type:

A note on 'REAL TOUCH' category flowers
Real Touch flowers are the most botanically correct permanent/artificial flowers available in the industry. They are made from or coated with a variety of materials such as natural latex, rubber, silicone and/or polyfoam which increases the details and realism of the flower petals.

A note on 'SILK' flowers
The term 'silk flowers' is often used in the industry as a generic word that means 'artificial flowers'. They are made from various kinds of fabric such as cotton, satin or polyester and lacks the inclusion of rubber, latex or silicone, that increases the details and realism of the flower petals.

We do not manufacture the materials, stems or flowers used in our designs. They are imported. The size, shape, design, material and factory coloration of the flowers, leaves, petals, stems etc cannot be changed. We are not responsible for the factory construction of the materials used and/or any manufacture defects that may occur. We currently work with more than a dozen suppliers. If you are searching for a particular color or type of flower, please feel free to email us and we'll check around with our suppliers for what's available.

All items in our shop are made-to-order or prepared after purchase. If you would like changes made to an item pictured, please contact us before making the purchase.

To protect our brand and as a measure against fraudulent orders, all customers with complaints about a product will be required to provide a photo I.D. for name and address verification. 

Disclaimer - Allergies:

This item consists of glass, acrylic water and artificial flowers and/or branches. All artificial floral products such as petals, branches and stems may be manufactured using natural rubber, latex, polyurethane, polyfoam, plastic and other materials. Buyer assumes full responsibility for allergic reactions.

Disclaimer - Smell sensitivity:

Our products are not scented and will not be sprayed with scents. We recommend against scented sprays and other moisture since there could be a chemical reaction to the materials. If your package had been sitting in the sun before opening it, some factory smells of the artificial materials should be expected. Please allow time for it to air out and dissipate. Buyer assumes full responsibility for sensitivity to smells.

Disclaimer - Realism and design:

The artificial floral products we have selected to use in most of our designs are considered 'Real Touch' grade. They are known to be the most botanically correct in the faux flower industry. Some designs also include none 'Real Touch' flowers. They are referred to as 'Silk flowers' and are selected for use in our designs because we accept their realistic features. Buyer opinions on measuring realistic details will vary and may not always be viewed in the same scale as ours. Buyer assumes full responsibility for reading descriptions carefully, viewing pictures or videos in detail and accepting that opinions on realism will vary, when making a purchase.

If a large number of items are needed, kindly message us for pricing and a combined shipping quote.

We reserve the option to refuse and cancel any order at our discretion.

By making a payment to us and by placing an order for our products you confirm that you have read and agreed with all of the polices and statements outlined on our site.