31" - Tall, silk floral arrangement, REAL TOUCH, red, cymbidium, orchids, faux water/acrylic/illusion, centerpiece, artificial, decor, gift


Gorgeous silk orchid plant, floral arrangement with red cymbidium in faux water.

Beautifully hand crafted in the U.S, with premium quality, realistic, silk/artificial flowers in the 'Real Touch' category.

Real Touch flowers are the most botanically correct, life-like, top quality, permanent flowers available.


** Item Details** :

This listing is for one floral arrangement.

Flowers are set in permanent faux/acrylic water in a large glass cylinder vase.

The flowers included are all life-like quality material in the 'Real Touch' category that look and feel very natural.

This piece features two large cymbidium orchid plants in red color with realistic leaves and river rocks.

Overall arrangement size is approx 31" tall.

Vase dimensions: 12" tall and 5" wide.


If you would like to send it as a gift to a different address, please message us with the recipient address and special note for the gift card, if any.

Your item would be hand made after placing an order so it can be customized if requested. Kindly check the shipping time under the shipping tab and if needed sooner for a special date, check with us for rush processing.

We also welcome custom orders. Feel free to send us a message with the size, flower types/colors and/or a picture of the item you would like us to make and we'll send a price quote.

If you need a large quantity for an event, message us for discount pricing and a shipping quote.


A little bit about us:

We have been working with Real Touch flowers and designing floral items for weddings, home decor and gifts since 2007. Customer satisfaction is very important to us so please feel free to communicate with us before and after placing an order.

Thank you and happy shopping!



Customers have the option to contact us to order sample stems before ordering a floral arrangement. Samples are limited to 1-2 stems per customer, per design. Being a small business that offers floral arrangements that are hand-made by ourselves, we no longer accept returns or exchanges due to the loss of design time, design materials, packing time and shipping materials. This type of business structure is very different from re-selling items that are made in bulk by large factories.

To protect our brand and prevent fraud, all customers with complaints about a product will be required to provide a photo I.D.

Disclaimer - Allergies

This item consists of glass, acrylic water and artificial flowers and/or branches. All artificial floral products such as petals, branches, leaves and stems may be manufactured using natural rubber, latex, polyurethane, polyfoam, plastic and other materials. Buyer assumes full responsibility for allergic reactions.

Disclaimer - Smell sensitivity

The faux water brand that we use is very low odor. Our floral products are not scented and will not be sprayed with scents. We recommend against scented sprays and other moisture since there could be a chemical reaction to the materials. If your package had been sitting in the sun before opening it, some factory smells of the artificial materials should be expected. Please allow time for it to air out and dissipate. Buyer assumes full responsibility for sensitivity to smells.

Disclaimer - Realism and design

The artificial floral products we have selected to use in most of our designs are considered 'Real Touch' grade. They are known to be the most botanically correct in the faux flower industry. Some designs also include none 'Real Touch' flowers. They are referred to as 'Silk flowers' and are selected for use in our designs because we accept their realistic features. Buyer opinions on measuring realistic details will vary and may not always be viewed in the same scale as ours. Buyer assumes full responsibility for reading descriptions carefully, viewing pictures or videos in detail and accepting that opinions on realism will vary, when making a purchase.

Materials: acrylic, water, glass, vase, Real Touch, silk, flowers, faux, orchids, cymbidium, orchid, riverrocks, plant.

Materials: acrylic, water, glass, vase, Real Touch, silk, flowers, faux, orchids, cymbidium, orchid, riverrocks, plant.