4 PC Wall Collage Set - Original Paintings - Wall Art - Green, Black, White, Blue - NATURE - SPIRITUALITY - 48" x 48" - Abstract Expressioni


4 PCS, Wall Art Collage Set.

Nature and Spirituality Themes.

Original Paintings.

Overall Spread Dimensions: approximately 48" wide, 48" tall and includes mounting space of about 4-6" between art pieces.

Soft satin sheen glaze.

Paint: Oil

Acid free paper.

PH Neutral paper.

70 Lb paper weight.

114 GSM paper.

Size of each art piece individually: 18" wide, 24" tall.

Frames not included.

Shipped rolled in plastic sleeve and cardboard tubing.

All Original Paintings are shipped with insurance against loss or damage.

It comes with a story card with the above information and a Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by the artist.

This piece belongs to a body of work I created in the first 5 years of professionally painting. Each year is a series. This is the 2014 series.

This body of work was not available for purchase until now.

Inspiration for each piece:

Title: Fountain of Compassion.
Nature, spirituality and humanity. This art expression is borrowed from the 'Fountain of Youth' concept when Compassion towards all living beings is never ending.

'Fountain of Compassion' was completed July 04, 2014.

It is the 11th piece out of 16 pieces created in 2014.

(More pictures here)


Title: Earth Womb.
The cycle of life. Love and appreciation for Mother Nature, women and birthing.

The colors chosen for the painting are warm earthy tones like blackish red and burgundy making a connection to internal anatomy. The bright colors were used to express pain felt during birth.

'Earth Womb' was completed May 21, 2014.

It is the 9th piece out of 16 pieces created in 2014.

(More pictures here)


Title: Spider Draft.
Spiders are one of nature's architects. I can only have awe and appreciation for such architecture in nature and the mathematical precision of spiders.

A blue background made to look like a 'Blueprint' was created by rubbing blue paint across the paper surface. The white lines resembling spider webs are calculated placements of stamping a straight edge in a series of steps that forms geometric shapes.

'Spider Draft' was completed May 17, 2014.

It is the 8th piece out of 16 pieces created in 2014.

(More pictures here)


Nature and spirituality. Based on the idea that we are never alone and that Angels are always watching over us.

'Angels Come Again Salt Eyes' was completed June 12, 2014.

It is the 10th piece out of 16 pieces created in 2014.

(More pictures here)

Materials: oil paint, acrylic paint, canvas, wooden panel.