Artwork #6 - Under Black Sheets - Oil on Wood - 24" x 24" - Original artwork - Abstract Expressionism


Title: Under Black Sheets

Painting: Oil on wood.

Inspiration for the work: Love and music

Under Black Sheets was inspired by my profound love for music. In fact, every piece of art I have ever created is made while listening to music. The colors I chose are electric aqua blue, black and golden yellow.

To the bottom right corner I have placed some golden colored music notes in the form of a ladder that's climbing up step like structure impressions. With upward motion we can be carried away listening and traveling with eyes closed under the umbrella of our eyelids that are the 'black sheets'.

Special Consideration:

Picture 5 shows a close up of some markings at the top left corner of the painting. They were the handy work of the artist's dog Max who inspired the name of the art studio. You can meet max in picture 6 with the artist. The markings are claw marks and they were left in the painting for character and as his contribution to the work.

With a matte finish, it measures 24 inches tall, 24 inches wide and 1 inch deep.

The sides are also painted in electric aqua blue.

It is signed with red paint by the artist and ready to hang.

It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by the artist.

This piece belongs to a body of work I created in the first 5 years of professionally painting. Each year is a series. This is the 2014 series.

This body of work was not available for purchase until now.

'Under Black Sheets' was completed January 8, 2014.

It is the 1st piece out of 16 pieces created for the 2014 collection: Looking in, Looking out - series 2.


Art speaks to those who listen. They say it is supposed to make us feel something. I hope this piece makes an emotional connection with you, be it happiness of a memory or other feelings it may evoke.

This work is copyright protected.

Materials: oil paint, acrylic paint, canvas, wooden panel.